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Comprehensive Home Note Selling Services

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Home Note Evaluation Service

  • Thoroughly assess the value and terms of your home note to determine its market worth.
  • Provide a detailed report outlining the current market conditions and potential offers for your note.
  • Offer invaluable expert guidance and personalized recommendations on optimizing your note's value and market readiness before listing it for sale.
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Secure Note Listing and Marketing

  • Create an attractive and informative listing for your home note, reaching a broad audience of potential buyers.
  • Implement effective marketing strategies to promote your note, increasing visibility & interest.
  • Efficiently manage inquiries and negotiations on your behalf, ensuring a seamless, profitable transaction while safeguarding your interests.
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Streamlined Note Selling Process

  • Simplify the note selling process with a user-friendly online platform, reducing paperwork and hassle.
  • Facilitate due diligence, legal documentation, and transaction closing, ensuring a smooth and secure sale.
  • Expedite fund disbursement, providing you with quick access to the cash value of your home note.
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Begin your journey by reaching out to us. We're eager to help you sell your home note and will guide you through the entire process. Whether you have questions or are ready to get started, our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Receive Your Customized Home Note Valuation and Competitive Offer.

Our team will carefully assess the value and terms of your home note, providing you with a personalized and competitive offer that reflects its market worth.

Customize the Deal to Meet Your Goals.

We'll collaborate closely with you to tailor the terms of the sale to your unique financial objectives. Whether you're looking for flexibility, a specific price, or certain conditions, we'll work to ensure the agreement aligns perfectly with your needs.

Transparency is Our Priority.

Rest assured, we prioritize transparency throughout the process. We'll conduct rigorous due diligence on your home note to verify its legality and assess its true value. Our commitment to transparency is aimed at ensuring a smooth and trustworthy transaction.

Seal the Transaction with Confidence.

Once all details are settled and you're comfortable with the terms, we'll guide you through the closing process. Your confidence and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we're here to ensure that your home note sale is completed efficiently and securely.



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The concept of buying and selling home notes dates back centuries and has its roots in ancient civilizations like Mesopotamia, where clay tablets were used to record property transactions. Today, we've come a long way from clay tablets to digital transactions, making the process more accessible and efficient than ever before.


Need Help? Read Popular Questions

Selling a promissory note involves assessing its value and understanding the factors impacting its worth. A strong note commands a higher price for the seller and offers a stable investment for the buyer. Key aspects influencing a note's quality include its remaining value and associated risks. The remaining number of payments and their values determine the note's worth, typically sold at a discount. Banks factor in the risk of purchaser default when calculating this discount, considering collateral value, purchaser credit scores, and seasoning (payment history). An ideal note boasts a high remaining balance, valuable collateral, and a reliable repayment history. To sell such notes, you can approach various note buyers through mail or online channels. To determine your note's precise value, reach out to potential buyers and request a quote.

Not every note meets the criteria of an ideal note, but that doesn't mean it's unsellable. Notes with various conditions still hold value for potential buyers. One such example is a previously delinquent note, where the purchaser had once failed to make payments for a certain period. Owner Carry Back Notes Bought (OCBNB) doesn't purchase currently delinquent notes. However, we will consider notes that were previously delinquent if the past due payments have been settled, and the purchaser has demonstrated a pattern of timely payments.

Selling a note is a decision that may not suit everyone, but it can prove highly beneficial and profitable for many note holders. When opting to sell a note, the seller receives a lump sum of cash in exchange for the future payments tied to the note. This method of receiving a one-time payment offers unique advantages that cannot be matched by a prolonged payment plan. The immediate influx of cash can be used for various purposes, including seizing investment opportunities, settling debts or loans, or achieving time-sensitive goals. Opting to trade a discount on the total note value for immediate cash has proven advantageous for numerous note holders. Typically, the first step in determining whether selling a note is the right choice is to contact a note buyer and obtain a quote.

One crucial factor influencing the purchase of a note is frequently the remaining balance on that note. OCBNB acquires notes falling within the range of $20,000 to $2 million. These criteria are implemented to reduce risk and ensure that the effort invested in the purchasing process is justified.

Traditionally, there are two primary methods for selling a note, depending on your interest in future payments. The more common approach is a full buyout program, where the buyer acquires all remaining note payments in exchange for a single lump sum of cash. This relieves the seller of any further responsibility in managing the note. The second method is a partial purchase. In this arrangement, the investor buys a specific number of payments from the note, assuming responsibility for those payments until they are received. After these purchased payments have been fulfilled, the note holder can choose to sell more payments or reclaim the note to resume collecting payments. This option suits individuals who require an immediate lump sum while retaining the option to receive future note payments. Additionally, the partial purchase option often yields a higher cash amount for the seller because it entails less risk for the investor, who is only acquiring a portion of the note. Regardless of the chosen program, sellers must follow similar steps. To obtain a quote for your note, you need to provide specific information, including property details (address, type, sales price), down payment, current owed balance, interest rate on the balance, payment amount, delinquency status (if any, and the duration), existence of a balloon payment (with its due date), and any outstanding debts on the property. Additionally, you should share your contact information. A brief 5-10 minute phone consultation usually suffices for investors to present several options. If you accept an offer, you can typically expect payment within 20 business days after closing.


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