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vancouver airport code

D71 through D75 are swing gates which may be partitioned off to allow for a higher number of United States border preclearance flights (designated E73 through E75). Grab bars and emergency call buttons are also present in all wheelchair accessible toilet stalls. This theme was put in place by Vancouver-based Architectura. Two of the four new gates are conventional wide-bodied gates and two are able to accommodate the Airbus A380. Retrieved October 29, 2012, from Vancouver Airport Authority:, Canadian Barrier Free Design Inc, V. A. British Airways operates the A380 seasonally to Vancouver. Vancouver International Airport has installed more individual speakers in a given space than is standard, which allows the volume of the speakers to be turned down and provides a better quality of sound. It also houses the corporate headquarters and main base of Pacific Coastal Airlines[23] and Harbour Air. [24], The South Terminal serves regional airlines which fly mostly within British Columbia, such as Pacific Coastal Airlines and Central Mountain Air, in addition to chartered flights. The Airport South complex includes the South Terminal, the Floatplane Facility and other adjacent operations. Aircraft over the North Atlantic and Pacific bound for the United States were therefore diverted to Canadian airports. While the acrimonious Canadian Customs and Immigration treats anyone like garbage, it’s pretty much like this anywhere else on the major Canadian airports, so that is not my issue here. [91], Features that have been implemented throughout the airport to aid those with hearing loss include a public address system to reduce noise pollution for those with hearing aids. Policing at the airport is provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Richmond detachment. Your email address will not be published. Vancouver International Airport (IATA: YVR, ICAO: CYVR) is an international airport in Richmond, British Columbia. Please use the Upload option for uploading airport images only. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Vancouver IATA and ICAO Airport Codes. In 2004, Vancouver International Airport was awarded of the Rick Hansen Accessibility Award, which recognizes "facilities and communities that improve the quality of life for people with mobility limitations". For the heritage railway near Melbourne, see, "YVR Airport" redirects here. The airport uses a great deal of carpet and vast expanses of glass to let in large amounts of natural light. Being the only major airport in Western Canada with the ability to receive large-body planes, Vancouver International Airport accommodated 34 of these flights (3rd highest after Halifax and Gander) amounting to a total of 8,500 passengers. Kenneth Anderson [93], Vancouver International Airport also has numerous features that have been implemented to assist visually impaired travellers. At check-in counters, amplified handsets are available to aid those with hearing aids, and all telephones throughout the airport have adjustable volume controls. The airport has won several notable international best airport awards. All gates in the International Terminal can accept flights arriving from all international and US origins: passengers are directed onto overhead walkways which lead to the customs and immigration area. YVRAA's Access Commitment to People with Disabilities. (July 2005). Children are 50% off and infants under 5 are free. given a top-to-bottom renovation by Vancouver architect Kasian Kennedy. Pier E is the US border preclearance area and consists of 20 gates: E76 to E88 and E90 to E96. During World War II, the airports and its original terminal, now the South Terminal, were leased to the federal government and operated by the Department of National Defence and the Department of Transport as RCAF Station Sea Island. In addition, C48 and C49 can receive international/US arrivals. [95] Volunteers are given basic training in airport operations and undertake many of the similar trainings mandated to airport employees. [90] Vancouver International Airport has exceeded national building code requirements with respect to access for people with disabilities, which Hansen has said "benefits not only people in wheelchairs, but the elderly, the blind, parents pushing strollers and everyone else with mobility problems". A five-gate and food and retail expansion was completed in 2009 for Domestic Terminal's C-Pier.

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